13 Marvellous Things To Do In Manchester This March

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13 Marvellous Things To Do In Manchester This March

May as well make the most of the end of lockdown, after all.

While we’re pretty keen for March to fly by so we can return to some form of a normal life as quickly as possible, we’re also looking forward to making the most of our final month in lockdown. It’s a bittersweet feeling for sure, and while we’ve definitely spent the rest of our time wallowing in the tough restrictions, we’re pretty inspired to re-acquaintance ourselves with Zoom, home experiences and our Netflix watch list now that we know it’s potentially coming to an end. So without further ado, here’s our guide on the best things to do in Manchester this month.

1. Complete your Netflix watchlist

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Got a few things left on your Netflix list? Make sure to steam through them before the month is out, and truly make the most of that time we were stuck at home with nothing but that glowing screen that’s lumped in our living rooms. If you’re in need of inspo, we have plenty of that, including our guide to the best things dropping on Netflix this March.

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2. Catch up with a pal in the park (March 8)

Yep, you can stop pretending to exercise this month, as on March 8, easing lockdown restrictions will allow us to meet up with one person from outside our household in a social setting – for instance, sitting on a park bench or tucking into a picnic. This is also the day that weary parents can send their kids off to school once more, and care home residents can see their named visitor for the first time. An important milestone for many.

3. Twist and shout about a fab disco bingo night (March 6, 13, 20, 27)

Putting a fun spin on the classic bingo game is Disco Bingo, where instead of waiting for numbers to be called out, you’re listening out for the pop songs to match those on your bingo card. It’s sure to get you up and dancing! Tickets are available here.

4. Outwit a killer with these gripping murder mysteries

A puzzling murder case really does liven up one’s lockdown, doesn’t it? Certainly beats solving the mystery of who used the last roll of toilet paper, at any rate. With two perplexing live-streamed murder mysteries to enjoy, you’ll need all your wits to crack the case – whether you’re solving the mystery of an exploding spaceship in Race to Mars, or hunting down a shadowy killer in Sherlock and the Palace Assassin.

5. Check out one of Manchester’s new restaurants

Despite the lengthy restrictions which have kept Manchester restaurants closed for over four months now, local entrepreneurs have continued to thrive – with many new restaurants popping up around the city and beyond. From Chicago-style deep dish pizzas to a vegan fish and chip shop – there’s plenty of places to try before they open IRL. If that wasn’t all, there’s plenty more to come this year, too.

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6. Hop on your laptop for a night of Drag Bingo

The excellent bingo nights from former Drag Race star Charlie Hides have been a total hit during the lockdown, and March offers another chance for colourful drag performances, imitations, and raunchy bingo calls. Find your tickets here.

7. Enjoy one of Manchester’s lovely canal walks

Now that the spring weather appears to be here to stay, we can finally take advantage of some of the loveliest walks right on our doorsteps. Manchester’s canal network spans the majority of our region, meaning there’s a walk for many of us just minutes from our homes. Check out our guide to the best walks here.

8. Search for a magic lamp with this puzzling online game

Magic and mystery combine at virtual escape room experience The Wonder Cave, where you’ll need wits and bravery to overcome every challenge put in front of you and escape with an incredible prize. Tickets can be found here.

9. Turn out the lights for Earth Hour (March 27)

Every little helps when it comes to saving the planet, including switching off the lights for an hour. Many of the country’s landmarks will be going dark, as will cities in 178 countries across the world, so you wouldn’t want to feel left out, would you?

10. Welcome the glorious arrival of British Summer Time (March 28)

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Longer days, brighter nights, and the first tantalising glimpses of summer: March 28 is certainly a date for the diary, as we edge closer to what could be a memorable summer.

11. Uncover the truth in this virtual trial experience

I know you’ve probably got a lot on your plate at the moment, but if you can handle a little more, why not place a man’s life in your hands? In this virtual trial, you’ll need to weigh the evidence and witness statements to decide whether the suspect is guilty of murder. Find your tickets here.

12. Finally meet up with another household (March 29)

Arguably the most anticipated date in March comes at the end of the month, as a further easing of lockdown restrictions will give us the ability to meet up with friends and family outdoors. Social limits will be restricted to two households or six people (as the Rule of Six makes a return), but it will finally allow us a long-overdue face-to-face catch up with the people we love. This is also the date that outdoor sport can return, if you’re planning a game of tennis. We’re already counting the days!

13. Make the most of Manchester’s DIY lockdown kits before they’re gone

Credit: Home by Nico

While we’re definitely missing eating in an actual restaurant where there are actual people, we’ve honestly been loving the DIY home kits that some of our favourite restaurants have created. From Home By Nico’s everchanging monthly menus to the Koffee Pot and DD’s Burgers stacked burger kits – we’ve been pretty spoiled for choice. Here are some of the best ones to try before it’s too late.

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