This Household Has Taken Displaying Teddy Bears To Cheer Up The Neighbourhood To A Whole New Level

By Marco Ruiz

Teddy bears have been popping up in front windows all around the world.

The idea to display bears in front windows as a way to entertain children on daily walks around the neighbourhood was inspired by the children’s book We’re Going On A Bear Hunt by UK author Michael Rosen. However, the idea skyrocketed when New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden joined in and placed two bears in her own home window, and teddy bears have thus been seen across the globe. (Featured image: @themoorbears)

But there’s one household—now an Instagram page—that has taken the displaying of bears in front windows and tweaked it slightly. Actually, a lot. Instead of small, soft toys, they’re displaying giant teddy bears in their front garden in Stockport, reenacting theatrical scenes. And they’re called Ted & Ed.

Each day of quarantine sees Ted & Ed, otherwise known as The Moor Bears, acting out new scenes. From doing household chores, drinking beer, going camping, and playing board games. The bears have delighted the neighbourhood’s children who have begun leaving thank-you notes as well as drawings and paintings of their favourite days.

Check out some of our favourite scenes below, but make sure you follow them on Instagram for more: