A ‘Making A Murderer-Style’ Death Row Drama Will Play At Manchester’s Hope Mill Theatre

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A ‘Making A Murderer-Style’ Death Row Drama Will Play At Manchester’s Hope Mill Theatre

Hope Mill Theatre will stage the northern premiere of true crime death row drama, The Exonerated.

Over the past few years, Netflix has been cashing in on our obsession with all things true crime. The streaming service has provided a host of documentaries dedicated to the lives and crimes of some of the world’s most notorious killers, as well as investigations into police corruption.

This summer Hope Mill Theatre in Pollard Street, will provide true-crime fans with further fuel for their obsession, in the form of a gripping a death row drama that is to be reimagined in the style of a television true crime documentary (think Making a Murderer but on stage).

Taken from interviews, letters, transcripts, case files and the public record, The Exonerated will tell the true stories of six wrongfully convicted survivors of death row in their own words.

The production will blend live theatre and filmed footage to create a unique, fully integrated multimedia experience, with staging inspired by true crime documentaries such as The Innocent Man and The Staircase.

Moving between first-person monologues, courtrooms and prisons; six interwoven stories will paint a
picture of an American criminal justice system gone horribly wrong- and of six brave souls who
persevered to survive it.

Artistic Director Joseph Houston, said:

“I am thrilled to be directing the Northern Premiere of The Exonerated. When I first read the play I was instantly inspired by these heart-breaking stories of six people wrongfully convicted and sentenced to death row.

“Knowing the power of documentaries like Making a Murderer and The Staircase in highlighting legal
injustices and the emotional connection we have to such stories, I knew that Hope Mill was the perfect venue for a ‘Netflix-style’ reimagining of The Exonerated.

“I want this to be a unique theatrical experience that integrates documentary-style filmed footage,
but without losing the impact of live theatre.”

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Written by Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen’s and directed by Hope Mill Artistic Director and co-founder Joseph Houston, The Exonerated will play at the award-winning theatre from June 8-16. Tickets are available from Fever and are priced at £14. Get yours here.

Casting to be announced.

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