Here’s How TfGM Are Keeping Trams Safe During The Coronavirus Outbreak

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Here’s How TfGM Are Keeping Trams Safe During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Many public transport providers are taking careful measures to keep services safe for us.

With the current number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the UK nearing the 1000 mark, local businesses across the country have had to quickly implement new policies and ways of working in order to protect the public. Just earlier this week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed that no further measures would be taken at the moment to fight the virus spreading, meaning thousands of Mancunians are still using TfGM services every single day – despite a growing number of cases in the region.

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Taking advice from the Government and Public Health England, TfGM is stepping up their cleaning regimes, currently implementing regular cleans across all surfaces on trams and in stations/interchanges, as well as regular litter collections throughout the day. The measures are in place to limit the public’s exposure to used tissues and germs.

The transport provider has confirmed they’ll be increasing the frequency of deep cleans should there be a need for it, awaiting the green light from Public Health England should the situation worsen. Travellers are assured that facemasks are not required for travel, with Public Health advising that there is no scientific evidence that they help protect against infection.

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Until then, the public is advised to avoid public areas, including transport, if they show any flu-like symptoms, with the Government urging those with even mild symptoms to self-isolate for seven days to limit the potential spread.

The same measures are being taken by bus provider First Buses, with Stagecoach also confirming their vehicles are undergoing rigorous cleans.

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