The Intensely Creepy Doll From Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’ Will Appear In Manchester This Weekend

Alex Landon Alex Landon

A picture of the Squid Game doll at Westfield in London - it will be visiting Manchester on November 6th.

I hope you’ve been perfecting your Red Light, Green Light moves, because you’re going to need them if you visit the Trafford Centre this Saturday (November 6). That’s because Netflix will be installing a replica of Squid Game’s chilling animatronic doll at the shopping centre this weekend, giving us all the daily dose of terror we were missing now that Halloween has passed.

If you’ve seen the show, you know exactly what happens when this doll appears – if you haven’t, rest assured that it’s nothing good. The Squid Game doll is a towering three metres tall, and features moving, light-up eyes and the ability to sing to her future victims, which is sure to put the fear into any shoppers who happen to wander by. She’ll be flanked by costumed guards from the show too, and whilst you can’t win a life-changing amount of money at this Squid Game experience, at least you’ll be making it out alive.

The doll has already visited Westfield shopping centre in London, and she’ll be in place at the Trafford Centre for the weekend. Having said that, another doll is also popping up in Birmingham‘s Grand Central Station at the same time, which means… OH LORD THERE ARE TWO OF THEM.

Anyway, the pop-up will also serve a range of complementary cookies, all carved with shapes from the series to make you feel as if you’re taking part in the show. Although with the Squid Game doll lurking in the background, hopefully it won’t feel too real…

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