Slice Pizzeria Has Returned After Two Years With A Brand New City Centre Location

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Slice Pizzeria Has Returned After Two Years With A Brand New City Centre Location

The pizzeria was sorely missed.

Formerly a popular spot among the lunch crowds and Northern Quarter dwellers, Slice Pizzeria broke the hearts of many when it closed its doors just two years ago – with no word on when they’d make their grand return. And things have certainly changed since that day, with the introduction of a vast number of new pizzerias on the scene. We’re talking the likes of cult successes such as Ramona, vegan pizza from Purezza and even deep-dishes from American Pies – but Slice? It’ll always be the home to Manchester’s OG Roma-style pizza. And now, they’re back – with a brand new location at Oxford Road Station, perfect for grabbing a slice on the go.

Credit: Slice Pizza

Adding a little diversity in a city saturated with Neapolitan pizza, Slice will be serving up six different slice choices daily, with an array of ever-changing toppings available to try. Lathered on top of a Roman-style base, the thin, crispy, doughy creations are the perfect lunchtime treat – and can be found at the entrance of Oxford Road train station Monday-Sunday from 11am.

Avid fans will be pleased to hear that old favourites will be returning, too, including the Broccoli, Chilli & Sausage Slice and classics such as chorizo, margherita and smoked mozzarella.

Slice can now be found at Oxford Road Station Approach, from 11am til 10pm daily. 

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