This Salford Brewery Is Helping To Tackle Clean Water Crisis With Their New Beer

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This Salford Brewery Is Helping To Tackle Clean Water Crisis With Their New Beer

It’s not only tasty, but also for a good cause!

Joining Brewgooder’s Global Gathering campaign, Salford-based brewery Seven Brothers has come up with a brand new pale ale especially for the campaign to tackle the clean water crisis.

The campaign will bring together 250 brewers from 173 cities across 24 countries, including the much-loved brewery Seven Brothers, well-known for their recycled cereal beers. Representing their cities, the brewers involved have created their very own beers especially for the cause, which will all launch together on March 20 and raise £500 or more for the Brewgooder Foundation rehabilitation and construction projects across Malawi.

The Foundation hopes to change the lives of around 100,000 people living in water poverty this year by providing safe, clean water with projects such as well rehabilitation, new borehole construction, sanitation systems and water mapping.

Seven Brothers’ contribution is a new pale ale, aptly named ‘Brogooder’, featuring a “hit of citrus and strong fruit aromas”. Beer lovers will be able to try a pint (or three) of the limited edition beer in both Seven Brothers’ Ancoats and Middlewood Locks beerhouses and their brewery taproom in Salford.

Credit: Seven Brothers

Alan Mahon, Brewgooder’s founder, has said of the campaign:

“To have 250 brewers from across the world get behind our mission is incredible, I can’t
thank each and every one of them enough. They will not only make people happy with their
amazing, unique beers but also impact thousands of lives around the world.

“There are far too many people in developing countries who have their ambitions, dreams
and potential limited by lack of access to a safe source of water. By providing clean,
accessible water, we can help kids grow up healthier, stay in school longer and build better

So far, Brewgooder’s work has changed the lives of around 65,000 people, with the hopes of being able to help so much more with a campaign target of £250,000 this World Water Day.

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