Manchester’s Most Terrifying Cinema Experience Has Officially Arrived

By Secret Manchester

A socially-distanced scare-fest has creeped into town!

October is fast approaching and that only means one thing. Halloween! Screening now, Park N Party is opening up the gates to ScareCity, a drive-in cinema and immersive experience featuring performances from live actors and some of the most terrifying films. The organisers have transformed EventCity in Stretford and have a jam-packed schedule filled with Halloween classics for both adult and child audiences to enjoy… or have you on the edge of your seat. Not only that, but due to high demand, they’ve even added a whole week of extra screenings to enjoy.

Beware, as this is no ordinary drive-in cinema. As you head towards the screens to watch your favourite horror film, you will face even more horror before the film has even begun, as you are led into a chilling scare tunnel. Prepare to be scared as you see live actors creep towards the car, as well as lots of unexpected surprises that are bound to have you jumping out of your skin.

But the unexpected may not end after that truly hair-raising experience at ScareCity. Sit back and put your feet up on the dashboard and watch a spooky film from the comfort of your seat, or behind it. You can choose from classic Halloween favourites including The Conjuring, IT and The Ring alongside haunting hits for kids Coraline, Hocus Pocus and Coco – which will be displayed across several large screens with live actors lurking in the shadows.

One thing you won’t be frightened of, however, is the price! With Fever, tickets to ScareCity are just £35 per vehicle and you can buy yours here.


All the necessary social distancing measures are in place; all cars will be parked two metres apart, tickets will be scanned through car windows, and the whole scary shebang is non-contact.

The first screenings at ScareCity begin on 9 October and will run right until 1 November. The launch weekend has some fantastic films in store for us, too, including Annabelle Comes Home and Halloween (2018). Better bring something (or someone) to hide behind!

Film Schedule:

  • 22nd October: Annabelle Creation at 9pm
  • 23rd October: Hocus Pocus at 6pm, The Nun at 9pm
  • 24th October: Coraline at 12pm, The Curse of La LLorona at 4pm, Annabelle Comes Home at 8pm
  • 25th October: Monster House at 12pm, The Grudge at 4pm, The Exorcist at 8pm
  • 26th October: It at 4pm, Crawl at 8pm
  • 27th October: Ghostbusters at 12pm, It Chapter 2 at 4pm, The Lighthouse at 8pm
  • 28th October: Scary Movie at 4pm, Paranormal Activity at 8pm
  • 29th October: Corpse Bride at 12pm, The Witch at 4pm, Cabin in the Woods at 8pm
  • 30th October: Goosebumps 2 at 12pm, Child’s Play at 6pm, The Descent at 9pm
  • 31st October: Coco at 12pm, The Invisible Man at 4pm, Halloween (2018) at 8pm
  • 1st November: The Haunted Mansion at 4pm, The Ring at 8pm
  • 2nd November: The Invisible Man at 4pm, The Conjuring at 8pm
  • 3rd November: The Conjuring 2 at 8pm
  • 4th November: The Conjuring at 4pm, The Invisible Man at 8pm
  • 5th November: Insidious at 8pm
  • 6th November: Blair Witch Project at 6pm
  • 6th November: The Hills Have Eyes at 9pm
  • 7th November: Hocus Pocus at 12pm
  • 7th November: The Nun at 5pm
  • 7th November: Halloween (2018) at 9pm
  • 8th November: Coco at 12pm
  • 8th November: The Exorcist at 5pm
  • 8th November: Annabelle Comes Home at 9pm
  • 9th November: Annabelle at 4pm, The Conjuring at 8pm
  • 10th November: The Conjuring 2 at 8pm
  • 11th November: Nightmare Before Christmas at 4pm, The Invisible Man at 8pm
  • 12th November: Insidious at 8pm
  • 13th November: Blair Witch Project at 6pm, Friday The 13th (2009) at 9pm
  • 14th November: Hocus Pocus at 12pm, The Nun at 5pm, Halloween 2018 at 9pm
  • 15th November: Coco at 12pm, The Exorcist at 5pm, Annabelle Comes Home at 9pm

So grab the popcorn and your household and dare to drive down to ScareCity in Stretford, Manchester.

👉 Tickets are selling fast, so make sure you snap yours up here!