Peaky Blinders Is Filming In Stockport Today

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Peaky Blinders Is Filming In Stockport Today

Peaky Blinders will return for a fifth series this year, and our fair city is set to take a starring role alongside Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy.

The hit BBC gangster drama is set in 1920s Birmingham, but Manchester and its surrounding towns form much of the backdrop to the series.

The cast and crew have been seen filming in various locations around Manchester over the years, including the Old Granada Studios, as well as on location in the Northern Quarter, Rochdale and Wigan, and have now been spotted in Stockport.

Photo: Stockport Tourism

Film crews descended on Mersey Square yesterday, transforming the streets outside of The Plaza theatre with period details in preparation for today’s shoot. The historic theatre and cinema has been transformed into Bingley Hall, a former exhibition centre in Birmingham, ready for the shoot.

And a poster outside the venue reveals it will host a rally by far-right politician Oswald Mosley, who was the MP for Harrow between 1918 and 1924 before becoming leader of the British Union of Fascists in 1932.

He will be played by The Hunger Games star Sam Claflin, who it was recently revealed had joined the cast for series five.

Photo: jillyisnotawolf

According to Stockport Tourism, the crew will be filming a street protest outside the rally which will involve 120 background artists. The crew will also use smoke cannons to create the misty, industrial city atmosphere.

A spokesman for Stockport Tourism said Cillian Murphy, who stars as Tommy Shelby in the series, was sighted wandering the streets of Stockport yesterday evening and has asked anyone heading down to watch the filming to give the cast their space.

Photo: Stockport Tourism

The spokesman said:

“We’re not sure whether the whole Peaky Blinders family are making an appearance – but we’re pretty excited to see who shows up.

“Although we’re all super excited for Peaky Blinders filming in Stockport tomorrow, we would like to remind people to give the cast and crew their space whilst filming their show – thank you!”

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