You Can Now Take A Dance Class With Britney Spears’ Very Own Choreographer

By Laura Rogan

Think you can dance till the world ends?

If you’ve ever found yourself politely bopping along to the music and nursing a drink with both hands when out with your mates, then we’ve got the perfect class for you – and it’s brilliantly timed for those who want to use their time at home productively.

Taking lockdown entertainment to a whole new level, a talented choreographer, well-known for working with the likes of Britney Spears and Janet Jackson, is now teaching the coveted skills to shaking it like a pop star – and it sounds like a lot of fun. And let’s face it, who hasn’t fantasized about being part of a White Chicks-style dance-off when out on a night out?


Taking place on May 23, the online class is split out into a beginner level and an intermediate session, so dancers of all abilities can learn how to Work Bitch to a brilliantly curated playlist of some of Britney’s top bangers.

Anyone is welcome to the digital dance class, and tickets are a steal at just £10 per device. The beginner’s class kicks off at 6pm on May 23, with the intermediate class following straight after at 7pm.

Grab your tickets here 💃