NHS Workers Will Switch On Manchester’s Christmas Lights This Year

Laura Rogan Laura Rogan - Editor

NHS Workers Will Switch On Manchester’s Christmas Lights This Year

Frontline workers will take centre stage this year.

Following the news that a number of winter events would be cancelled in Manchester, it’s been announced that NHS workers will switch on Manchester’s Christmas Lights this year, in a bid to celebrate all they have done for our city (as well as the rest of the UK) throughout the pandemic.

And while the public will not be able to attend this year’s event, it’s set to be a lovely affair – with Manchester City Council and BBC Radio Manchester on the lookout for three NHS workers to do the honours.

Speaking to BBC Radio Manchester just this morning, Councillor Pat Karney, who also updated Mancs on the Christmas Markets this week, said: “Because of safety, the traditional switch-on, which we normally have 20,000 people at, has been cancelled for obvious reasons, but, we are having Christmas lights throughout the city which will be switched on on November 17th, a Tuesday evening.


“NHS workers, our heroes – who saw us through that first horrible phase – are going to be switching on the lights on Deansgate.

“[The event] brings the Christmas celebrations and recognition to the NHS workers we owe our lives to.”

The Christmas lights will still be on show for the season across the city this year, despite the event’s absence, with a giant Santa (RIP Zippy) and light sculpture trail in-store to light up Manchester. The switch-on will take place on November 17, and will be live on BBC Radio Manchester and live-streamed via social media to watch from home.

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