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Here’s Everything That’s Dropping On Netflix In August 2020

By Laura Rogan

From Hollywood blockbusters to new Netflix Originals, there’s so much in store for August.

Not quite got that holiday booked just yet? At least we have Netflix. Continuing an incredibly strong summer season on the streaming platform, Netflix has a number of gems in store for us this coming month. Here’s our picks of the best new movies and TV shows, new to Netflix this August 2020.

Venom, TBC

Credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment

Tom Hardy’s grand entrance to the Spider-Man universe is dropping on Netflix for the first time next month, just in time to re-watch it before the sequel hits cinemas next year. In case you haven’t heard about Venom ’til now, the film follows a journalist who becomes merged with a symbiotic alien while investigating a CEO who’s carrying out human trials. Premiere date TBC. 

The Peanut Butter Falcon, August 3


Shia LaBeouf is back in The Peanut Butter Falcon, a film about a Downs Syndrome man who escapes a nursing home, before befriending an outlaw who surprisingly helps guide him in life. The movie has been met with critical acclaim and promises a heartwarming tingle upon watching. The Peanut Butter Falcon is available to stream from August 3.

Dirty John: Betty (S2), August 14

Credit: USA Network

Dirty John is back with a brand new, crazy story – this time detailing the Betty Broderick story, a true incident in which Betty murdered her husband Dan after he left her for his younger assistant. Expect twists, turns and a quickly dwindling downward spiral. The new season stars both Amanda Peet and Christian Slater. Binge watch it all from August 14.

Lucifer (S5A), August 21

Credit: Netflix

Lucifer is back for a fifth season after leaving his Earthbound friends behind to regain the crown in Hell. There are few details on how the season will unfold so far (aside from the explosive trailer), however, what we do know is – there’s an imposter in town, and the gang is gonna have their work cut out for them if they want to find the real Lucifer. Watch the first half of season 5 on August 21.

Project Power, August 14



Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt team up in Project Power, a superhero film about a former soldier and a cop who come together to find the source behind a dangerous pill that gives humans temporary powers. Oooh, tense! The Netflix original film premieres on the platform on August 14.

Selling Sunset (S3), August 7

Credit: Selling Sunset

The second season may have only just been released, but Selling Sunset is back for another round already, with more drama, luxury houses and super-rich clients. So much has happened since the second season was filmed already, with dramatic divorces and more falling-outs in store for the third season. Watch it all from August 7.

Upgrade, August 7

Credit: Blumhouse Productions

Fans loved Upgrade upon its 2018 cinema release, and now, those who missed it can catch it on Netflix. The film follows a man suffering from paralysis, who loses his wife during an attack. But when a rich guy gives him a chip that restores his mobility, he heads out on a revenge mission to get justice for his love. Stream it from August 7.

The Mask, August 1

Credit: New Line Cinema

One of Jim Carrey’s classic comedies is hitting Netflix next month – and it’s one the 90s kids will remember well. The Mask is headed to the streaming platform in all of his bright green glory, following the silly adventures of Stanley when he transforms into a nutty green being after wearing Norse God Loki’s wooden mask. Side note for the 00s kids: no, this isn’t an Avengers crossover. The Mask drops on Netflix on August 1. 

American History X, August 1

Credit: New Line Cinema

In the wake of the amplified Black Lives Matter movement, American History X is coming to Netflix – and it’s not for the faint-hearted. It’s famous ‘curb stomp’ scene shocked audiences everywhere upon its release in 1999, and that’s not the only graphic scene to cover your eyes from. Starring Edward Norton, the crime drama sheds light on the horrors of neo-Nazism, following Derek – who has been previously convicted of a hate crime – as he tries to stop his younger brother going down the same road. Watch it from August 1. 

The Twilight Saga, TBC

Credit: Summit Entertainment

No need for introductions here… The Twilight saga is back on Netflix this month after temporarily being removed, so you can rest assured Edward and Bella will be there in your times of boredom. The date of the five-part saga’s return is yet to be confirmed, but it can be expected back next month.

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