The Netherlands Will Reopen To Tourists From June 15

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The Netherlands Will Reopen To Tourists From June 15

The Netherlands will welcome British tourists again soon.

With the news that an increasing number of countries will open their borders this month, there’s a chance that we might get a summer after all.

The Netherlands is the latest nation to announce its post-lockdown tourism plans. From June 15, countries from 30 European countries will be permitted to venture into the land of tulips. Countries permitted include the UK, Spain, Italy and Germany.

Bars, restaurants, museums, galleries and cinemas will all be open, with social-distancing measures in place. At the moment, these venues can only admit up to 30 people, but they are looking at possibly increasing this number to 100 in July.

Each traveller must remain 1.5m apart from anyone they are not staying with at all times, and wear a mask on public transport. Importantly, visitors must also show up with proof of pre-booked accommodation, or face the risk of being turned away.

It has sparked debate about creating a different line of tourism in Amsterdam, which is popular for party tourists. Speaking to Bloomberg, Mascha ten Bruggencate, chair of Amsterdam’s central district council, commented on the sparse city centre now that tourism has been put on hold.

He said: “It painfully showed how few people actually live in the center [sic] and how little it has to offer locals. We need to change that.”

The city would usually get around 1 million tourists each month—more than it’s total population—and the pandemic has been somewhat of a revelation.

Amsterdam mayor, Femke Halsema, has also set out to make the centre more welcoming to locals. There are plans underway t0 remove brothels from the historic old towns, and to reimagine the area as more than just coffee shops, souvenir spots and waffle stands. Instead, they’ll be looking to focus on more housing, companies where residents can work, and stores that appeal to locals. Such measures are expected to be hit with pushback from site owners.
Organisations focusing on improving city life have discussed plans to “restart in a more sustainable and responsible way.”
If and when these changes should come about, there will always be plenty of reasons for tourists to flock to the Netherlands. And, judging by this announcement, that could be a very real possibility for us very soon.

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