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Here’s Everything That’s Dropping On Netflix In June 2020

By Alex Landon

The best new Netflix UK series, films, and documentaries to binge in June 2020, courtesy of Secret Manchester.

Hmm, I’ve a feeling this month’s Netflix roundup might prove rather invaluable to you… Anyway, irrespective of the world outside, you can find blockbuster films, hot new series, and though-provoking documentaries unleashed on Netflix this month, ready and waiting to stream. Here’s the best of what to watch on Netflix UK this June 2020, and don’t forget, you can watch Netflix with pals using this nifty Internet extension.

13 Reasons Why (S4), June 5

Credit: Netflix

Returning to Netflix for one final round, 13 Reasons Why season four premieres next month and will pick up where it left off as the gang prepares for graduation. The aftermath of Bryce Walker’s death triggered quite the series of dramatic events, which will finally be tied up in a neat bow. Say goodbye to Liberty High on June 5.

The Woods, June 12

Credit: Netflix

The creator of The Stranger is back with a brand new thriller, based on his other book The Woods. The story takes place in a Polish town where a young girl went missing 20 years ago. New evidence puts the case back in motion, and her brother is more determined than ever to find out exactly what happened to her. Expect twists, turns and a whole lot of drama in this six-part series. The Woods premieres June 12.

Hereditary, June 15

Credit: A24

Hereditary proved popular with horror fans upon its 2018 release, and now, the spooky hit is coming to Netflix. When the Graham family’s grandmother passes away, the family become haunted by their ancestry, uncovering dark secrets about their bloodline. Ooooh, scary. Stream from June 15.

The Politician (S2), June 19

Credit: Netflix

Ryan Murphy’s The Politician is returning for a second season, picking back up with Payton on his campaign trail. The cast is all returning for the second round, and the stakes are set to be much higher than season one. Oh, the drama! Binge watch it all on June 19.

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, June 26


When we heard Will Ferrell was behind an American-made comedy about Eurovision, we were intrigued, to say the least. But now we’ve had a sneak peek of Ferrell and Rachel McAdams in full OTT Euro clobber, we’re on board. Not to mention, the leading track Volcano Man is pretty damn catchy. The American-take on the popular song contest will follow two Icelandic singers who get the chance to represent their country in the prestigious competition. Watch Eurovision: The Story of Fire Saga on June 26.

Da 5 Bloods, June 12

Credit: Netflix

The latest from the genius mind of Spike Lee, Da 5 Bloods stars Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther) and follows four African American vets return to Vietnam to find the remains of their former squad leader and his gold. The movie is Spike Lee’s own take on the Vietnam War, and according to Esquire, Lee “put everything in it, including the kitchen sink”. If BlackKklansman is anything to go by, we’re in for a hit. Stream from June 12.


Queer Eye (S5), June 5

Credit: Netflix

Melting our hearts all over again, the Fab 5 are returning – and this time, they’re in Philidelphia. 10 lucky people will be made over throughout the season, tackling some important societal issues and generally elevating the lives of those who take part. We’re guaranteed to be in for a heartwarming, emotion journey for 10 whole hours. Watch the new season on June 5.

Rick and Morty (S4), June 16

Credit: Adult Swim

After being removed from Netflix and passed over to E4, the fourth season of Rick and Morty is finally landing on Netflix after an extremely long wait – three whole years to be precise. The season will, of course, follow Rick and Morty on their intergalactic adventures, picking up where it left off amid a few family dramas. The full season can be streamed from June 16.

Dark (S3), June 27

Credit: Netflix

Netflix Germany’s flagship original show is back for season 3, taking the time-travel mystery to ‘a new world’. Just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get any weirder. Things remain pretty under wraps regarding where on Earth the show could possibly take us next, but the streaming giant has promised to give answers when the time is right. Cryptic, much? The season will premiere on Netflix June 27 2020 – the exact date that an apocalypse is predicted to happen in the show.

Shameless, June 15

Credit: Company Pictures

Taking things back to our beloved Manchester, Shameless is dropping in full on Netflix. You’ve probably already seen the show countless times, however, if you want to experience a little bit more of Manchester than you can at the moment, what better opportunity? The show was filmed in West Gorton, which is sure to provide an authentic backdrop for us Mancs to enjoy. Not to mention our beguiling accent. Re-live it on June 15.

The Sinner (S3), June 19

Credit: USA Network

The Sinner took audiences by storm when it premiered back in 2017 with Jessica Biel as the lead, and now, UK fans can catch up on the third season, this time starring Matt Bomer (American Horror Story). The story will follow Detective Harry Ambrose as he investigates a seemingly routine car accident, however, he soon discovers not all is as it seems. Season 3 is promised to be the darkest one yet, so it’s safe to say we’re likely in for a bit of a wild ride. Binge watch in full on June 19.

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