Netflix Has Revealed The Premiere Date For ‘The Sinner’ Season 3

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Netflix Has Revealed The Premiere Date For ‘The Sinner’ Season 3

It looks more sinister than ever…

After almost a year of waiting, mystery-thriller fans are finally getting their fix of The Sinner season 3… And much sooner than we’d all anticipated. Revealing the news just today, Netflix has confirmed that the third instalment of the hit show, executive produced by Jessica Biel, will land on the streaming platform this June 19 for UK residents.

Credit: USA Network

Season 3 picks back up with Detective Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman), as he investigates a ‘routine’ traffic accident in New York. And as expected, nothing is as it seems, as Ambrose begins to suspect something mysterious about the case.

The new season also stars American Horror Story star Matt Bomer as Jamie Burns, an unsuspecting resident of Dorchester and dad-to-be – whose dark past comes to light amid the investigation.

Credit: USA Network

The upcoming season is promised to feature the show’s ‘most shocking story yet’, and if the trailer’s anything to go by – it looks like they’ll deliver. Giving fans a taste of what to expect next month, the trailer shows Jamie Burns in the aftermath of the crash, tormented by his past as an old college friend returns to his life. But what exactly does Nick have on him? Check it out below.

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