Mancs Have Raised Over £1,000 To Help Save The NQ’s Beloved Cat Cafe

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Mancs Have Raised Over £1,000 To Help Save The NQ’s Beloved Cat Cafe

The cafe announced just days ago that they’d be permanently closing.

Following the incredibly sad announcement that after four and a half years, Cat Cafe Manchester would be closing its doors for good, locals have pulled together in a bid to save the cafe – raising over £1,000 in just one day. The cafe has been forced to close down as a result of the pandemic, explaining to fans that they were unable to come up with a new agreement with their current landlord.

Now, regular customer Lindsay Cooke has taken to GoFundMe in a bid to help the beloved cafe, with over £1,200 raised so far.

Credit: Cat Cafe Manchester

The GoFundMe reads: “Today Manchester cat cafe announced its closure due to the pandemic and being unable to agree a new lease with the landlord on 103 high street, Manchester. Sadly all of the ten cats at the cafe are now being rehomed and staff are being laid off.

“I know that money is tight at the moment with many people furloughed or out of work but anything that people can spare would help so much.

“Many people  will say “well it’s just a cafe why should we donate?”  Its not just a cafe with cats they staff offer various film nights and times for autistic people to visit as well as quiz evenings and other fun things.

Credit: Cat Cafe Manchester

Continuing: “For me the closure of this happy place is upsetting as I am an autistic adult who is also disabled.  This was my place to relax and be happy after a stressful day at work.  I don’t know where I will go if this place closes as I need routine to keep me grounded.  This place means the world to me and many others.

“Please donate and if you can’t donate please share the hell out of this on every social media platform available.”

So far, 84 people have supported the fundraiser, with funds growing as the day goes on. The cafe is currently rehoming their 10 cats between staff, family and friends, and have hopefully looked to the future – revealing that they plan to find a new unit elsewhere to reopen one day.

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