This Mural Is A Magnificent Celebration Of All Things Manchester

Laura O'Neill Laura O'Neill

This Mural Is A Magnificent Celebration Of All Things Manchester

An artist has decorated his friend’s man cave with a mural celebrating all things Manchester.

Artist and all-around excellent friend Karl Fox, who owns Red Face Artwork, said he was asked to create the mural to spruce up a friend’s summer house.

The mural, which is located in Haywood and unfortunately not open for public viewing, pays tribute to all things Manchester, from the music to the street art and the iconic worker bee, all set against Manchester City-blue background.


Mr Fox, who is also from Haywood, said it took him a year to complete the piece as he had to work around his full-time job as a primary school caretaker and family commitments.

He said:

“I’ve always had a passion for art and have been trying to make a living from it for many years- hopefully, all the interest in the mural will help me achieve that.

I’m actually a United fan also – which you wouldn’t guess, but the mural was done for some good friends who are city fans in their summer house/ man cave in their garden.

“I do different things, normally pencil/ pen drawings and paintings on canvas – this is the first time I’ve worked on anything on this kind of scale.”

To see more of Karl’s work head over to the Red Face Artwork Facebook page.