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Photographer Reveals Strange Before And After Images Of Manchester Transforming Amid The Pandemic

By Laura Rogan

Manchester life has changed significantly as a result of the pandemic.

The city is finally coming back to life, but it’s not the Manchester we once knew and loved. Gone is the hustle and bustle of busy Market Street, tourists and shoppers swarming into the Arndale, and lively nights out on Deansgate and the Northern Quarter. Now, the city’s streets are filled with residents wearing masks, social distancing signs, and queuing systems outside of stores to help protect us from the virus.

Documenting the strange turn of events, award-winning street photographer Mark Waugh has captured before and after shots of the UK lockdown, which show Manchester’s former glory fade away as the city adjusts to this ‘new normal’. The before images were all, of course, taken before lockdown, with all post-lockdown images taken on ‘Super Saturday’ – which saw hospitality businesses officially re-open for the first time in almost four months. The photographs were then collected as part of Cartridge Save’s A Day In The Life experiment, to show how the city has adjusted in line with lockdown restrictions being lifted on 4th July.


Check out the before and after images below:


Street performers entertaining passers-by on Market Street before the Coronavirus pandemic | Credit: Mark Waugh


Residents stroll through Market Street wearing masks to protect themselves from the virus | Credit: Mark Waugh


Guys on a lads night out enjoy the Northern Quarter’s bars before the pandemic | Credit: Mark Waugh


Residents enjoy the bars again outdoors with social distancing on ‘Super Saturday’ | Credit: Mark Waugh


Customers visit the barbers for a cut before the pandemic | Credit: Mark Waugh


Customers get their first hair cut in months using face masks for protection | Credit: Mark Waugh

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