A Manchester Escape Room Has Launched A Harry Potter Themed Room With A Grimm Twist

Breakout Manchester has launched a new escape room that combines the magic of Harry Potter with the Grimm fairy tales.

by ashimdsilva

You are in the Wizarding section of the local library. You notice a book you’ve never seen before. Drawn to it, you start to thumb through the dusty pages…

You wake up in an enchanted forest, filled with a host of weird and wonderful creatures, where you stumble upon a house made of gingerbread and sweets that definitely isn’t a trap.

Should you enter the house or stay away? Will your sweet tooth get the better of you? Can you escape the trap laid out for you, before the witch returns to eat you?


In a team of up to five people, you’ll have 60 minutes to escape the locked room by finding clues and solving the puzzles.

And if Harry Potter isn’t your thing, Breakout has a range of exciting escape rooms including Infiltrate, which sees visitors tasked with breaking a friend out of prison, and Disturbed, where participants find themselves trapped in an abandoned hospital, and at the mercy of a crazed killer.


Location: Breakout has premises at 14a Brazennose Street, M2 6LW and 36 High Street, Manchester. M4 1QB.
More information: To book a room, visit the Breakout website.



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