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Glastonbury Festival To Return In September For A One-Day Event With A 50,000 Capacity

By Jack Saddler

Back to Worthy Farm we go!

After Covid-19 basically put an end to hosting large gatherings for the foreseeable in March 2020, Glastonbury festival’s main event – its 50th anniversary, no less – has been cancelled for the last two years. Unsurprisingly, this came much to the dismay of the UK’s most popular festival’s loyal fanbase.

But, some cracks of light have appeared. Glastonbury Festival has been granted a license to host a special one-day event at its home site, Worthy Farm. It’s scheduled to take place in September this year, rather than the usual June date, and will have a capacity limit of 49,999 people.

After the trademark five-day was cancelled in January, organisers submitted an application to Mendip district council for this event – named Equinox – to be held. After talks with the council and local residents, the application was approved but asked for over 50 conditions to be met.

These conditions, as reported by the Somerset County Gazette largely concern the safe running of the one-day festival during the Covid-19 pandemic. Sam Phripp, MDC’s chair of licensing, said: “Any event would have to be Covid-safe, and Mendip will work with other organisations and the organisers to make sure that’s the case.”