A Quality Street Pick And Mix Stall Is Coming To The Trafford Centre

Pick your favourite Quality Street!

Photo: growingup.englandChocolate fans will be able to create a very special bespoke assortment of their Quality Street favourites this Christmas, putting an end to families fighting over the chocolate tin.

Shoppers will be able to fill a tin with their favourites, whether that’s the toffee penny, the green triangle or any one of the 12 sweets available. And there’s only one rule, you have to pick at least three different sweets, so don’t expect to walk out with a box full of toffee fingers!

Photo: PrimaMag

Debbie Bowen, Senior Brand Manager for Quality Street said:

“Everybody’s got a favourite Quality Street sweet and an opinion on which is the best, so providing a pick and mix option, for the very first time, could spell the end of that particular Christmas debate.

“This is a very exciting move for us and for Quality Street. We’ve been part of Christmas for more than 80 years and over that time we have had so many requests from people for a chance to create their own bespoke tin! It’s finally here and we’re delighted.”

The pick and mix tins will be priced at £12 each and will be available at John Lewis in the Trafford Centre from October.

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