A Decadent Indian Restaurant Complete With A ‘Floating Temple’ And Living Trees Will Opening In Manchester

Indian street food group Mowgli will open a second Manchester restaurant this month.

Mowgli, a restaurant offering ‘fuss-free’ Indian cooking aimed at banishing Indian food stereotypes, will open in Manchester this month. The 3,294 sq foot, 100-cover restaurant will be based in Oxford Road’s University Green site and will be open seven days a week from January 21.

Photo: mowglistreetfood

The menu has been designed by founder and dedicated curry evangelist Nisha Katona and is teaming with fresh, healthy, flavour-packed dishes with tonnes of vegetarian and vegan options. And Ms Katona says the dishes will be prepared by a handpicked kitchen team of complete ‘curry virgins’ who have been trained from scratch with no preconceptions.

The decadent interior has been designed by Ms Katona herself, who described the theme as ‘Apple shop meets Indian night market.’ And the restaurant will be full of exquisite features, including a floating Indian Temple inspired ‘door on the wall’ and a living tree, as well as hand-carved pillars and signature lighting.

Photo: mowglistreetfood

Founder, Nisha Katona said:

“Mowgli is all about the smash and grab of fresh, light Indian food. This makes it perfect brain food for the exacting appetites of the university students & staff. I have loved designing this Mowgli: light, airy, twinkling and organic. In my mind, I want Apple shop meets Indian night market.

“From a design aspect, it’s my aim to create a home from home in the restaurants. I meticulously design every Mowgli, inspired by the broken-down temple behind my Grandmother’s Varanasi home. I have such vivid memories of these vine-covered temples behind her house.

“Wild monkeys roam free there, so the iconic monkey for me is a symbol of my childhood and the food heritage of which I am totally obsessed. The monkey climbing the brick wall, the endless twines and vines and chaos. It is around these elements that I design every site. It’s not grand or plush but its honestly home.”

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