Gouda news, Cheese Advent Calendars Will Be In Supermarkets Next Month

Merry Cheesemas!

The humble advent calendar has come a long way in the last few years. First, we had chocolate, then beauty ones were all the rage, then came the Pringles calendar and even a gin one. But this year we may have actually reached peak advent calendar, as supermarkets around the world will be stocking cheese advent calendars.

Photo: So Wrong It’s Nom

And it’s all thanks to Annem Hobson, a London-based food blogger from So Wrong It’s Nom, who invented the first cheese advent calendar back in 2016  and launched a campaign to have the calendar made and distributed, asking cheese-lovers to show their interest by signing up and reserving one for Christmas 2017.

Ms Hobson said more than 11,000 people signed up to buy a calendar in just four days, and in 2017 the calendar was brought to life by Somerset-based cheese specialists Norseland.

Photo: So Wrong It’s Nom

This year, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Booths will be stocking the calendar which will include 24 pieces of cheese and will be priced at £10.

The calendar will be in stores from November 14 and will include seven different types of cheese, including Jarlsberg, Applewood, Edam, Red Leicester, Wensleydale, Cheddar and a limited edition ginger cheese.

Photo: So Wrong It’s Nom

The calendar doesn’t come with crackers or sauces, so you’ll have to get them in yourself if you want to make a meal of your morning cheese.

Just remember to keep it in the fridge!

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