Aldi Is Selling A Massive 64-Glass Bottle Of Prosecco And It’s Basically The Megalodon Of The Wine World

You’re going to need a bigger fridge.

Remember when Aldi started selling magnums of sparkling wine and champagne and we thought life couldn’t get any better? Well, it has. The prosecco Methuselah has arrived and it laughs in the face of the magnum.

Photo: Aldi

The super-sized, premium six-litre prosecco Methuselah (that’s the equivalent of eight standard bottles) is available exclusively online and priced at £79.99. The fizz boasts flavours of Parma violets, ripe pear and papaya and is described as ‘light, fun and frothy’ making the perfect prosecco to enjoy with guests this Christmas, or on your own through a straw (JOKING, please don’t try and drink six litres of prosecco with a straw).

And if the Methuselah feels like overkill, you can always move down a size to the three-litre Jeraboam which is the equivalent of four bottles and is priced at £39.99.

Photo: Aldi

The Jeroboam and Methuselah are available as a single product only, with a maximum order quantity of one-per-person (it’s for your own good). It’s also not part of the store’s ‘create your own case’ offering.

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