Livestream These Fun Games And Interactive Activities To Keep Your Kids Busy At Home

By Holly Platt-Higgins

Stream some fun into your life with these interactive live-steams.

Keeping yourself entertained during quarantine is hard enough, but keeping your kids entertained too? Well, that’s a whole different story. Luckily, Fever are on hand to help you keep them busy, with a lot of help from legendary entertainers, Sharky & George. With a range of incredible, interactive live-streams, from science to shape-throwing, we promise they’ll have plenty to do. Here’s what’s in store.

1. Fun Family Games & Challenges

Sharky & George are on hand with a free live-stream of their amazing adventure race, which uses mini-games and challenges to keep your little ones occupied and, hopefully, tire them out a bit, too! You’ll be competing with other families, as well as Sharky & George themselves, to complete a series of epic mini challenges – from competing against the clock to construct the tallest pillow tower, to unleashing your imagination and building a brilliant fortress from simple household items. The race will last for approximately one hour and will give you the chance to transform your living room into the ultimate playground, much to your children’s delight. Family tickets cost £5 and you can join in here.

2. Mix things up at the Family Home Lab

Don’t worry, you won’t need a full on chemistry set for this! Using only ingredients and materials that you can find around the house, Sharky & George will host an engaging, exciting and hopefully not explosive science session for kids and grown-ups alike. So tune in to see if you can learn a thing or two! Tickets cost £5 per family and you can reserve your spot here!


3. Throw some shapes at this funky family-friendly quarantine rave!

Sharky & George’s Quarantine Family Rave is sure to get you all moving! Featuring an amazing DJ who will host the rave live from his studio—complete with decks, lighting, a smoke machine, UV face paint and glow sticks—it’s going to be pretty wild! But that’s not all—there will also be disco games, dance routines and dance challenges to keep you and your kids entertained. Tickets cost £5 per family and you can reserve your spot here!

Times and dates will all be confirmed soon, but activities are due to start next week.

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