Here’s All The Countries That Are Re-Opening Their Borders This Summer

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Here’s All The Countries That Are Re-Opening Their Borders This Summer

Holding on to the hope of a 2020 holiday?

The UK might still be in lockdown, but a number of other countries are finally executing their exit strategies after being affected by COVID-19, with bars, restaurants and hotels re-opening, and plans in place to re-open borders for international travellers (including Brits). And as the UK government continues to deliberate on how the UK will move forward after two months of self-isolation, we’ve rounded up all the countries that are planning to re-open their borders this summer.


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Greece hopes to re-start tourism as soon as possible, with the beautiful country setting its sights on 1 July. And though it sounds like good news for hopeful tourists, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has expressed that this would be the “best case scenario” – and this will be dependant on a number of factors. Direct flights from the UK to Greece have resumed, although anyone who enters the country must quarantine for 14 days before heading out to explore the stunning sights.


Belgium is currently aiming to re-open the borders to tourists by June 15, with a number of plans in place already for the re-opening of restaurants, museums and more. Anyone who enters the country must self-isolate for a 14-day period.


Following a strict lockdown period due to the pandemic, Italy is now planning to restart tourism, with borders set to reopen on June 3. The country is also beginning to re-open a number of businesses, such as hotels, restaurants and more. To attract further tourism, Sicily will be paying half of visitors flight costs and a portion of their hotel costs this year.


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Another country that faced strict lockdown restrictions due to the pandemic, Spain has revealed that they’d like to welcome tourists back by the end of June, as the country continues to ease its rules. Currently, there is a mandatory 14-day quarantine for anyone entering Spain.


Iceland is currently considering a number of safety measures to allow tourists to enter the country again – and they’re currently aiming for as early as next month. From June 15, visitors may be able to enter the country again, with a choice of a 14-day quarantine period upon arrival or a Coronavirus test at the airport.


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Tourists from Schengen countries are currently permitted to enter, and there are currently flights operating to the Netherlands from the UK for essential purposes. Restaurants, bars and other businesses will re-open on June 1, with holiday parks planned to re-open in July.



The Swedish borders are currently open to UK and EU citizens, with some flights still operating. Sweden was not affected by the Coronavirus like the UK was, and have currently only banned large gatherings.


Poland is preparing to open its borders again from June 13, with international flights set to resume later this month. Visitors must self-isolate for a 14-day period when arriving in Poland and face masks are currently mandatory when out in public.


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Turkey is planning to welcome tourists back in its country as soon as mid-June, however, international flights remain limited for the time being. Face masks are currently mandatory, and a number of businesses are yet to fully re-open.


Switzerland’s borders are set to re-open soon, but only to residents of France, Germany and Austria – however, the country is planning to allow large scale events again by August, which could mean the country will re-assess international travel too.


Similarly to Switzerland, Germany will initially only allow tourists from a small number of countries, including Switzerland, France and Austria. Large scale events will also be permitted in August.

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