Chester Zoo Is Hiring For Someone To Look After Their Penguins

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Chester Zoo Is Hiring For Someone To Look After Their Penguins

Dream job alert!

Ever fancied yourself a bit of a Dr. Doolittle? Well, now’s your chance to shine – because Chester Zoo is officially hiring for the best job in the world. Advertising for new Keepers on their website, the popular zoo is on the hunt for a new team member who’ll be responsible for their gorgeous waddle of penguins – along with a number of other bird species, too.

Credit: Chester Zoo

The role will be within the zoo’s ‘large and varied’ Bird Team and will involve the day-to-day care of assigned animals – which in this case would be their cute Humboldt penguins and the parrots, which are frequently highlighted on their documentary series, The Secret Life of the Zoo. So if you, like me, feel like you know each and every penguin already after a major All4 binge watch, you might wanna get scrubbing up that CV.

But while hanging out at the zoo for 40 hours a week certainly sounds like a breeze, unfortunately for us unqualified bunch, not just anybody can apply for the position. Applicants must have received a HND or degree level qualification in a zoological related science, as well as hold previous experience in caring for birds. The role also requires applicants to have avicultural knowledge and an understanding of the conservation challenges the zoo faces.

Credit: Chester Zoo

The role is salaried at £21,934.33 per annum, with a number of employee benefits on offer, too – although, we’ve got to say, simply hanging out with these cute creatures would be pay enough for us. Applications close this weekend for the role, which you can found out more about here.

Chester Zoo is renowned for its conservation work, taking part in a number of ongoing projects that work towards preventing the extinction of endangered species. Find out more about their work here, or catch The Secret Life of the Zoo on All4.

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