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The Magic Of Candlelit Concerts In The Breathtaking Manchester Cathedral

By Laura Rogan

The Magic Of Candlelit Concerts In The Breathtaking Manchester Cathedral

Immerse yourself in a whole new world.

On the hunt for the perfect post-lockdown experience? One of Manchester’s most iconic venues bathed in candlelight awaits you. Manchester Cathedral, which has a history dating back over 600 years, provides the most spectacular backdrop to the beautiful sounds of classical music – with renditions of famed soundtracks such as Jurassic Park and Frozen, as well as compositions by legendary composers such as Ennio Morricone and Mozart.

Credit: Manchester Cathedral

Following major success in cities such as London, Barcelona, New York and Paris, Fever’s Candlelight series has found a spectacular home in Manchester Cathedral – with both performers and guests alike privileged to be surrounded by the building’s grand, gothic architecture.

Ample candlelight provides a wonderfully intimate setting, with fantastic acoustics carrying the sounds created by the talented performers that take to the stage each event. From wonderful violinists to some of the country’s best pianists – there’s a whole lot of talent that walks through the Cathedral doors, providing the most uplifting, candlelit experience in town.

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