Black Milk Has Created A New, Drool-Worthy Lotus Biscoff Chocolate Bar

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Black Milk Has Created A New, Drool-Worthy Lotus Biscoff Chocolate Bar

I’m drooling at the sight.

If Black Milk is known for one thing, it’s being the Kings of the dessert here in Manchester. From their giant milkshakes to their ‘Kinderella’ spread that’s just screaming to be eaten right out of the jar – there’s not a dessert they haven’t nailed yet. And now, they’ve raised the game once more with their brand new chocolate product.

Teaming up with Ramsbottom-based The Chocolate Café, the popular sugar spot has developed a brand new chocolate bar – and it includes everyone’s fave Lotus Biscoff.

Pairing salted caramel with the nation’s favourite biscuit, the new bar is the first of its kind for Black Milk, and it sounds like a taste sensation.

The new product has been met with much joy from fans of the cafe, prompting many an ‘OMG’ from their social media followers upon revealing the treat today. And if this one didn’t sound tasty enough already, there are three additional bars in the works – including hazelnut spread, caramelised white chocolate and cookies and cream, all which are set for release this summer.

Credit: The Chocolate Cafe

Founder of Black Milk, Olly Taylor, said: “ The Chocolate Café has always been a huge inspiration to us as a food brand – the chance to collaborate with one of Manchester’s best most creative chocolatiers has been a really fun experience.

“We are always looking for new ways to adapt the Black Milk flavours, so to have the opportunity to make our own chocolate bar has been exciting.”

Adding: “Our collaborations work historically has been led by catering events, but this has been massively impacted by coronavirus.

“With so many events postponed or cancelled, we have had to adapt to ensure we still make the  magic happen in the ‘new normal’ – working with brands like The Chocolate Café is a fun way for us to showcase creative food experiences online for our fans and find new shoppers.”

The new Biscoff bar will be launched tomorrow (17th July) and will be available both online and in-store.

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