The 10 Best Netflix Documentaries Of 2020 That You Just Have To Watch

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The 10 Best Netflix Documentaries Of 2020 That You Just Have To Watch

A little something to enlighten you during lockdown.

Stuck with just you, your tele and Netflix this lockdown? Luckily for us, Netflix has been fresh full of content this year – with a number of documentaries to binge to feed our addictions. From the dark depths of true crime stories to the wholesome nature content we absolutely needed this year – here are the top 10 best documentaries on the streaming platform (according to us professional binge-watchers).

1. My Octopus Teacher

Credit: Netflix

An unexpected gem on Netflix, My Octopus Teacher made me sob a little bit – I will admit. The beautiful documentary follows filmmaker Craig Foster, as he takes a break from his job to rediscover himself. On his way, he meets a lone octopus while diving off the coast of South Africa, visiting her almost daily as he tracks her life cycle and habitat. The lovely documentary was ten years in the making, and the findings were absolutely fascinating.

2. The Ripper

Credit: Netflix

New to Netflix just this month, The Ripper details the horrific crimes of Peter Sutcliffe – who wreaked havoc on West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester between 1975 and 1980. The murderer was responsible for the deaths of 13 women before he was caught – and to this day, the families of his victims pay the price of his actions.

3. The Social Dilemma

Credit: Netflix

Dropping on Netflix earlier this year to terrify us all, The Social Dilemma covers the morality of social media, asking the important question: where exactly do we draw the line? From invasive algorithms, to the ways that the leading platforms use our data – a number of whistleblowers have stepped up to tell their version of how social media “controls” its users.

4. Unsolved Mysteries

Credit: Netflix

Unsolved Mysteries took the world by storm during the first lockdown, with sleuths going wild for its fresh dose of crimes that still have investigators scratching their heads. From strange disappearances to curious murders – there are two seasons of peculiar cases to get stuck into – with more on their way.

5. Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich

Credit: Netflix

Highly topical following the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell – Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich sees a number of alleged victims step forward to tell their story of being trafficked by the wealthy financier. The series discusses his connections, his private island and even sees former staff members discuss what went down on “Paedophile Island”.

6. The Last Dance

Credit: Netflix

Even if you’re not into sports, The Last Dance provides a fantastic insight into the rapid rise of Michael Jordan. The docu-series follows the Chicago Bulls, and Jordan in particular, during the 1997-98 season – which was Jordan’s final season with the team. The series follows Jordan from his younger, emerging days, leading viewers right up to his retirement.

7. Tiger King

Credit: Netflix

It’s safe to say we all went a little nuts for Tiger King upon its premiere, with the rivalry between Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin becoming the number one topic of conversation over the Spring. The documentary series covers the absolute madness that was the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park. Detailing the crazy antics of Joe Exotic and his staff members, as well as his bitter feud with Baskin – you’re in for a wild ride if you’ve not seen it already.

8. A Life On Our Planet

Credit: Netflix

David Attenborough provides a real tear-jerker with A Life On Our Planet, giving a rare retrospective of his lengthy career. The broadcaster and nature lover shares shocking statistics about how he’s watched the planet suffer during his lifetime, leaving viewers with the dark reality of what lies in our futures should we continue destroying our Earth as we currently are.

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9. Becoming

Credit: Netflix

As part of the Obama’s exclusive deal with Netflix, Becoming gets up close and personal with the former First Lady who stole the hearts of the world over two presidential terms. Discussing her life, hopes and dreams with viewers, Becoming provides an inspirational watch for fans of the former First family – sharing her travels, work and even some of her responsibilities during her time at the White House.

10. American Murder: The Family Next Door

Credit: Netflix

Released back in October, American Murder: The Family Next Door tells the shocking story of the Watts family murders – which tragically took place in 2018. The chilling documentary uncovers the couple’s marriage, issues with social media and violence against women. A must-watch for anyone who remembers the case, or anyone with a keen interest in true crime.

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