11 Of The Best Festive Films On Netflix To Watch On Christmas Day

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11 Of The Best Festive Films On Netflix To Watch On Christmas Day

December might be looking pretty bleak right now thanks to that new Omicron variant, but nothing’s stopping us from getting into the festive spirit. From new classics to hidden gems, we’ve rounded up the best Christmas films on Netflix to help you get into the merry mood this Christmastime.

1. The Christmas Chronicles (1 and 2)

Credit: Netflix

An instant hit with Netflix users, Kurt Russell stars as Santa Claus in The Christmas Chronicles – a heartwarming film that follows young girl Kate and her brother Teddy as they hatch a plan to catch Santa on camera. Naturally, the plan goes awry, and they end up on quite the journey as Santa travels the globe to deliver all of his presents. Streaming now.

2. The Princess Switch (1, 2 and 3)

Credit: Netflix

One of a few fantastic Christmas films starring Vanessa Hudgens (which we’ll get onto a bit later…), The Princess Switch not only features one Hudgens, but two, in a double-act comedy full of festive vibes. The film follows a normal girl from Chicago who travels to another country for a baking competition, where she meets a Duchess who looks exactly like her. Available to stream now.

3. The Holiday

Credit: Columbia Pictures

The Holiday is an absolute Christmas classic, and for good reason, too. From laughs and constant “awws” to full-blown tears, this film brings all the feels. Set over the Christmas period, Amanda (Cameron Diaz) and Iris (Kate Winslet) take part in a house swap as their lives hit a slump, and they find themselves falling in love with each other’s lifestyles. Watch it now.

4. Klaus

Credit: Netflix

Oscar-nominated Klaus follows the heart-warming tale of a failing postman who’s been sent on an impossible mission to work in an unaccepting, frozen town in the North – but everything changes when he discovers toymaker Klaus hiding out on the outskirts of the town. Watch it now.

5. Jingle Jangle

Credit: Netflix

New to Netflix’s Original roster just last year, Jingle Jangle has been dubbed the Christmas version of The Greatest Showman thanks to its family-friendly vibe and many a musical number. Providing all the fuzzy warm feels, the film follows toymaker Jeronicus Jangle, whose apprentice betrays him to become the richest toymaker in the world. After years of taking a step back, Jangle receives new hope when his long-lost granddaughter turns up on his doorstep with a talent. Stream it now.

6. The Knight Before Christmas

Credit: Netflix

The second in our mini love letter to Vanessa Hudgen’s Christmas films, The Knight Before Christmas is as cheesy and fantastic as it sounds. Providing laughs, an easy-to-follow rom-com plotline and a medieval edge, the film has it all. The Knight Before Christmas sees a medieval knight magically transported to the present day, where he meets an unlucky-in-love high school science teacher who guides him through modern life. Available to watch now.

7. A Christmas Prince (1, 2 and 3)

Credit: Netflix

Another easy watch for rom-com lovers, A Christmas Prince tells the story of journalist Rose, who’s sent on a mission to get the scoop on the young prince of Aldovia. Things go too well, however, and Rose soon finds herself in hot water when she’s assumed the new tutor of his younger sister. Watch it now.

8. Holidate

Credit: Netflix

New just last Christmas, Holidate stars Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey – and is perfect for those who prefer more of a naughty laugh than your typical family-friendly festive flick. Following two strangers, Sloane and Jackson, after a casual meet-cute at the mall, the pair agree to be each other’s ‘holidate’ to ensure both have a platonic date on special occasions. Streaming now.

9. Last Christmas

Credit: Calamity Films

It may only have a 6.5 on IMDB, but let me tell ya: they’re wrong. Starring Emilia Clarke, Last Christmas follows wannabe singer Kate, who’s struggling to get by after a string of terrible decisions. But things turn around when she meets happy-go-lucky Tom, who changes her world in more ways than Kate knows. Boasting a fantastic soundtrack of George Michael hits, this feel-good film is the perfect way to appreciate what Christmas is really about. Stream it now.

10. Jack Frost

Credit: Warner Bros.

The Michael Keaton-starring Jack Frost has become an absolute classic over the years, and despite its initial criticism, it’s pretty much a cult favourite. Following an ageing rock star who never has time for his family, Jack Frost reincarnates as a snowman after he’s killed in a car crash, leading him to learn the value of family and the magic of Christmas. Watch it now.

11. A Very Murray Christmas

Credit: Netflix

Bill Murray fans will have already seen A Very Murray Christmas, but even if you have, it’s an annual classic. Following the beloved actor as he worries that no one will make his show due to a terrible snowstorm in New York City, Murray finds a number of celebrity friends along the way to help with his Christmas show, resulting in a fabulously festive (and very musical!) watch. Stream it now.

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