Beetham Tower Will Light Up The Night With A Light Show Next Month To Celebrate Pubs Reopening

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Beetham Tower Will Light Up The Night With A Light Show Next Month To Celebrate Pubs Reopening

The landmark tower is set to glow.

Lighting up Manchester for the long-awaited day that is May 17th, Beetham Tower is set to celebrate the return of indoor hospitality in a touching way – with a lovely light display that will count down to the big day.

Featuring the countdown high up in the sky for the whole city to see, the luxury hotel will also emblazon a giant light-up heart in anticipation of the next date in the government’s lockdown exit plan. May 17th will mark the first time that Manchester bars and restaurants have been able to welcome guests indoors since November 2020, with many establishments still shuttered up due to having little or no outdoor space. The current guidelines allow those with space for an outdoor terrace or a beer garden to reopen outdoors only, with many Manchester businesses being granted a ‘pavement license’ to extend their premises out onto the newly pedestrianised streets.

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Adrian Ellis, chair of the MHA, said: “Light Up MCR is a brilliant opportunity for all who are connected to the hospitality industry to celebrate the reopening of our beloved sector.

“Over the past 12 months we’ve faced huge challenges, as tight restrictions in our region have resulted in an extended period in which hospitality has been closed.

“Facing such difficulties would have been insurmountable had it not been for the enduring community spirit which carried the sector through.

“The culture of support and kindness in the Manchester hospitality sector has been unrivalled, so to have an occasion, like Light Up MCR, where all of the industry can celebrate its return is really heartwarming.

“We hope lots of people will turn out and show support.”

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