A Nostalgic Stage Show Of Disney’s ‘Bedknobs & Broomsticks’ Is Coming To Manchester

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A Nostalgic Stage Show Of Disney’s ‘Bedknobs & Broomsticks’ Is Coming To Manchester

The Disney classic is coming to the stage.

Before there was the magic of Frozen, there was Bedknobs and Broomsticks. Originally released in 1971, the charming movie (which was a childhood favourite in my household) followed three children who are sent to live with an apprentice witch, who, with the help of a magical conman, embark on a mission (flying bed included) to find an enchanted bedknob that could help end the war. Sounds utterly bonkers, huh? Well, all the best stories are.

And now, the wholesome adventure is coming to the stage, kicking off at Manchester’s Palace Theatre on 19th October-24th October.

Credit: Johan Persson

Starring West End actress Dianne Pilkington, who hails from Wigan, the new stage show is set to be a magical journey for theatre fans, with tons of music from the original score, as well as extra songs by the Sherman brothers that were dropped from the movie.

Embarking on its world premiere tour, lucky Mancs will be able to see the show in its early run, before it sets off on its flying bed to cities such as Glasgow, Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool and Dublin.

Dianne Pilkington said of joining the cast: “It’s my first theatre job back,”

“It is fun, it is full of magic and it takes you on a different journey from the adventure we’ve been on for the last year and a half. It is what the world needs right now.”

The tour kicked off last month in Newcastle, and is currently touring its way around the UK and Ireland. Tickets are on sale now, and you can get yours here.

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