Inside NQ64 – Northern Quarter’s Retro Arcade Bar

Laura O'Neill Laura O'Neill

Inside NQ64 – Northern Quarter’s Retro Arcade Bar

All the fun of the arcade, but with a bar.

In 2017 Nintendo released the mini SNES, and gave us the chance to plug our childhood directly into our flat screen teles. Now, the owners of NQ64 have taken things a step further.

Photo: NQ64

The bar, based in Short Street in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, is home to an underground drinking den where guests will be able to play the retro arcade games and classic consoles from their youth while enjoying the beverages of their adulthood.

A spokesman for NQ64 said:

“There is a game for everyone inside the arcade.

“Retro 80’s lovers can try their luck on Pac-Man, Space Invaders and the classic Golden Axe.”

Photo: NQ64

He said:

“And for the 90’s cool kids, there will be consoles such as the N64, Megadrive and SNES as well as a range of old school games to take you on a trip down memory lane.

“Lock in on the game that your parents would never give you enough pocket money to play at the arcades!”

Photo: NQ64

There will also be a drinks list with specially selected beer and themed cocktails.

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