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This Manchester Restaurant Serves Sunday Lunch With A Side Of Gospel

Laura Rogan Laura Rogan - Editor of Secret Manchester

This Manchester Restaurant Serves Sunday Lunch With A Side Of Gospel

Sunday at Schloss means showtime!

Sunday lunch. A momentous occasion for Northerners everywhere. And so it should be. It’s a time when friends and family gather together, chow down on tasty British grub and catch up before the week ahead – soaking up the final moments of their weekend by winding down a little. It’s a British institution.

And making that occasion a little grander is Alberts Schloss – who host an atmospheric ‘Sunday Service’ every single week.

Credit: Alberts Schloss

Pairing food with live, musical performances – the weekly event kicks off at 12 noon every Sunday, continuing the antics right up until 9pm. Guests can enjoy the flavourful Cook Haus roasts, where you can choose from porchetta, topside of beef, chicken breast or the wild mushroom nutloaf, all accompanied by crispy roasties, root vegetable mash (which is drool-worthy!), a giant Yorkshire pud, savoy cabbage and some proper tasty gravy.

But the real highlight of ‘Sunday Service’ has to be the performances. Depending on what time you book for, guests can enjoy a jazz performance with one of Schloss’ most talented singers, a DJ set livening up your Sunday, or a wonderful gospel performance with their fabulous choir. It’s a wholesome affair whichever performance you choose, adding a little bit of oomph to an already delicious meal.

Credit: Alberts Schloss

Gradually bringing back the things we loved about Schloss before Coronavirus, the venue is set to re-start performances this week with the start of their epic Oktoberfest celebration month – where guests can sup on rare biers from Munich and enjoy performances from the venue’s fantastic talent.

And while it’ll soon be Schloss as we once knew it, the venue has implemented new COVID-safe measures for guests to follow, including social distancing throughout the venue and increased sanitisation by both workers and guests. Showtime at Schloss will be returning soon, and for updates on performances, keep your eyes on their website here.

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